Business Area Transport Routes Engineering

Research Institution
Working Area: Road Engineering, Earthquake resistant design, Dynamic in situ-testing, Structural Monitoring, Vibration and shock-testing
Contact: Rainer Flesch

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AUTH - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Research Committee - Department of Civil Engineering
Working Area: Earthquake engineering, Soil dynamics, Site effects, Structure-foundation interaction, Geotechnology, Seismology, Microzoning
Contact: Kyriaszis Pitilakis

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AUTOS - Autostrade Concessioni e Construzioni Autostrade SpA
Private Motorway Company
Working Area: Operational management of networks, Design and production of services, Traffic control and safety, Telecommunications and information of drivers, Bridge management
Contact: Livia Pardi

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BAM - Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing
Federal Research Institution
Working Area: Vibration measurement, Permanent load and condition monitoring, Monitoring of large scale structures, Nonlinear structural dynamics
Contact: Werner Rücker


BAST - Federal Highway Research Institute
Federal Research Institution
Working Area: Scientific advice in the field of motor vehicles, highways, environment and society , Formulation of standards and legal requirements
Contact: Peter Haardt


BRE - Building Research Establishment Limited
Research and Consultancy Centre
Working Area: Technical expertise on building and construction,
Consulting, Assessment of whole life performance and cost
Contact: Anna Kingsmill-Vellacott

BYTP - Bouygues Travaux Publics
Industrial Group for Public Works
Working Area: Construction of bridges, tunnels, harbours, Development of software and innovations in construction, Mitigation of structure vibration
Contact: Claude Dumoulin


DMI - Danish Maritime Institute
Research Institution
Working Area: Areo- and hydrodynamics, Generic simulation technology, Industrial fluid dynamics, Human factors research, Training of Navigators
Contact: Aage Damsgaard


EMPA - Swiss Federal Laboratories of Materials Testing and Research
Federal Research Institution
Working Area: Dynamic properties of large civil engineering structures, Forced vibration technology, Ambient vibration technology
Contact: Glauco Feltrin


FE - Fiat Engineering SpA
Engineering Office
Working Area: Energy systems, Industrial plants, Buildings for service and sport, Conservative restoration, Hospital buildings and systems, Infrastructure projects
Contact: Angelo Magini


GEOCISA - Geotecnia Y Cimientos SA
Group of Division Companies
Working Area: Soil engineering, treatment of polluted soils, construction of specific foundations, Structure engineering, Restoration of cultural heritage monuments
Contact: Luis M. Ortega Basagoiti


JRC - Joint Research Centre - The European Laboratory for Structural Assessment (ELSA)
Research Centre
Working Area: Analytic and experimental research in Earthquake engineering, Reaction wall, Safety and protection against natural risks, Computational mechanics, Pseudo-dynamic testing
Contact: Vito Renda

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LCPC - Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussees
Federal Research Institution
Working Area: Geotechnical engineering, Pavement, Civil engineering structures, Road safety and traffics engineering, Environment and urban engineering
Contact: Frederic Bourquin


LMS - Lms International NV
Developer and Provider
Working Area: Development and marketing of systems, software products and engineering services, experimental and analytic tools to structural vibration and noise, System identification, Modal analysis
Contact: Herman Van der Auweraer


RAMBOLL - Ramboll, Hannemann & Hojlund
Working Area: Maintenance of infrastructure, damage assessment, life time prediction, design strategies, Expertises in deterioration, damage growth and maintenance strategies
Contact: Mette Elbæk Andersen


SPEA - Spea Ingegneria Europea SpA
Engineering Company
Working Area: Planning, design and works supervision, Monitoring of transport infrastructure, Bridge maintenance
Contact: Roberto Petrali


TRL - Trl Limited
Research Centre
Working Area: Research, advice and services in land transport, Various testing facilities
Contact: Parag Das


ULB - Universite Libre De Bruxelles - Department of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics
Working Area: Modelling and control of mechatronic systems, Active control of noise and vibrations, Active damping, Design and Simulation of active structures
Contact: Andre Preumont


UNIPV - Universita Degli Studi Di Pavia - Department of Structural Mechanics
Working Area: Earthquake engineering, Structural control, Stochastic dynamics, Material mechanical characterization, Shaking table testing
Contact: Fabio Casciati


VCE - Vienna Consulting Engineers GmbH
Working Area: Construction, design and management of structures in the transportation sector, Ambient vibration monitoring, Damage detection and assessment, Development of innovative technolgies
Contact: Helmut Wenzel

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IPPT (IFTR) - Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences
Research Organization
Contact: Jan Holnicki


ZAG- Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute, Department of Structures
Research Organization
Contact: Miha Tomazevic


GGRI- Geodetic and Geophysical Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Research Organization
Contact: Gyula Mentes