The Network

The thematic network SAMCO (Structural Assessment, Monitoring and Control) has become a focal point of reference for industries (especially for small and medium sized enterprises), consultants and other organisations interested in the transfer of knowledge and technology in the field of assessment, monitoring and control of structures of relevant civil and industrial interest, in particular the transportation infrastructure. The activities of the network are mostly related to bridges, buildings, power plants and industries under seismic and other environmental loads. The knowledge and technology transfer supports the research community but also brings benefit to owners of structures, consultants, suppliers and end users.

The SAMCO network spans the whole of Europe and covers various communities of interests. The network joins construction companies, bridge-owners and managers, railway consultants, road authorities, equipment suppliers, monitoring experts, research institutions, housing authorities, regional and city governments and universities...

For more information see Objectives & Strategies and Workpackages of SAMCO.

Partners [go to]
The SAMCO network consisted of 20 principal partners, a fruitful mixture, coming from private enterprises, industry, research and development as well as from regional and city governments. Get into contact with the representatives.

Members [go to]
In order to reach a wide-spread participation and to cover all aspects of the subject of SAMCO, a number of members have been admitted subsequently into the network at the suggestion of the partners. Some members were coming from the Newly Associated States, which means that the network has also established connections to Eastern Europe. There were Test Members, Scientific Members and End User Members having different responsibilities within the network.

The interest to participate and contribute to SAMCO was very high all through the working periods and it is still going on. Therefore the possibility to participate as SAMCO Observer was originated. The Observer Agreement did not bring any financial allowance, but an option for membership in case SAMCO members retired their membership to the contract. Besides, an observer got the same privileged access to the database like the principal partners of the network.

SAMCO Association

The EU funded project terminated at the end of March 2006. In the course of the Final SAMCO Workshop the European Association for SAMCO was founded in order to carry forward the international cooperation arisen from the network's efforts.

By now the newly founded SAMCO Association has 85 registered participants from 25 countries from all over the world. In case you are interested in becoming a member of the association please register by filling in the registration form and sending it via fax to the number given on the form.

Organizational Levels
The following levels guaranteed clear responsibilities and established effective communication channels within the network.